PESJP Patch 2013 version 2.00


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New league :
Liga Adelante : 18 teams
Serie B : 18 teams
Brazilian Serie B : 18 teams
J.League division 2 : 22 teams
U23 : 7 teams

New features :
League server : allow to add unlimited LEAGUE
Ingame league switcher : allow to switch between 5 "2nd division league" which want to play in FL mode
Kitserver : support euro kits
Gameplay tool 2.01 : update adboard server + chantserver
Ingame stadium switcher
Stats Switcher  : between KONAMI default & PSD
More 90~ new teams included Classic Japan
Real UEFA CL mode : full 32 real teams in UEFA CL
Will be able to transfers in ML with Copa Liberadores teams
Update Master League real boots option
4500 new faces & hairs
1000~ new players
Added many young players
12 scoreboards
Adboardserver : support team's adboard
New referee kit assign for big leagues
Realistic replay logo for EPL, Liga BBVA, Bundesliga, Serie A
Banner-server : realistic banner patch for over 120 teams
81 HD boots
Correct home ground for almost teams